Helping mamas manage their money

I help single moms struggling with debt pay off their bills so they can get the nanny – and the designer bag – they always dreamed of.

Hey Mama, I see you...

I see you swiping that last credit card, fingers crossed it’ll get you through the month. You haven’t bought yourself a new outfit in years, while it seems like your kids are outgrowing theirs every few months. You wonder if you’ll ever stop chasing each paycheck so you can finally take that Disney trip your six-year-old wants so badly – or, more importantly, the nanny you need even worse.

Take a deep breath. You can get out of debt and I can teach you how. I help single moms just like you:


Make a budget


Pay down their bills


Save for the future

Why I'm the best person for the job

My name is Jenny Baxter and I’m the single mom money coach. 10 years ago, I had 6 figures of debt, while raising two boys on my own. I know the crushing anxiety of watching the bills pile up and the fear that you’ll never pay them down. Today, I’m debt-free, I own a home, and I have a solid safety net for me and my boys. I found a system for eliminating debt without sacrificing precious moments with my family and my passion is helping fellow mamas do the same.


“Working with Jenny was the best financial decision I ever made.

Jenny helped me pay down my credit card debt and save up for the downpayment on my dream house.”

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